Tuesday, December 14, 2010

An Emergency Vet Visit with Sprite: Sutures Open

Fortunately, I was working at home today because I noticed a lot of seepage from Sprite's suture where he had his neuter. I had him on a 'pee pad' that wound up having many blots on it in a short time. Occasionally during the morning I blotted his suture with toilet paper, applying cold and hot compresses, and they didn't slow. Fortunately, the tranquilizer kept him out of it.
  By 11am I knew I had to take Sprite BACK to the vet today. The oozing continued to intensify and I noticed that there were two openings in the front and back of the suture. So I brought him in at 4:40pm, and finally got home by 6:30 p.m. (they had to squeeze me in).
  Two small areas did open up and had to be stapled tonight (EWWW) after they applied a numbing agent (sometimes it happens that the sutures open like that, especially after exploratory surgery on an older dog).
  Our vet, Dr. Yates, confirmed that it was pus that was oozing from the suture, and gave me a much more powerful antibiotic. I also had to get a more powerful pain prescription for him, and more tranquilizers (given the staples). He was so patient throughout the whole process (the almost 2 hours we were there).
   Sprite came home and ate a good meal, walked outside with Dolly and Franklin, and the oozing has almost stopped, thankfully. He's resting comfortably and chock-full of new medication.
 - Unfortunately, I have to go to the office tomorrow, so I can't be with him until lunchtime, but he'll be zonked from tranquilizers. I think this is a turning point and he'll really finally begin to heal.
  - What's interesting is that when Dr. Yates came back in the room with him after putting in the staples, she looked at me and I was all teared up, and so was she! She said that he's such a lovable boy, and so patient that she felt badly for him. She's taken great care of the little guy and we'll make sure he get everything he needs to be healthy. Whew!

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