Wednesday, September 22, 2010

We Wonder: Why so many stupid people in the news?

We wonder every day why idiots are always featured in the news. People who could be role models act like idiots.
The "star power" that Hollywood actors used to have is long gone. Politicians are foolish, sports stars like Tiger Woods have multiple affairs with different women while married, and he's still a star. Another football player just committed suicide today, while others have been arrested for domestic violence or illegal dog fighting and are STILL "stars." We don’t understand why the many decent people are often ignored.
This week we keep hearing about "Lindsey Lohan" a talent-less actress who keeps taking drugs and drinking after being arrested and put in rehabs and how she keeps getting high or drunk. Paris Hilton is another idiot, famous for NOTHING that was arrested for drug possession. And when did "Bristol Palin" become a "Celebrity?" She's on Dancing with the Stars now. This GIRL, who slept with a guy she now hates, had a baby out of wedlock, and CLAIMS to be from a devoutly "Christian family" is NO example for anyone. The hypocracy is disgusting, too.
The last straw for me is the Republican Party. Here's why. Today's NY Times headline screams "Short of Repeal, G.O.P. Will Chip at Health Law." IDIOTS. IDIOTS. IDIOTS. Instead of trying to come up with some kind of health care for people when they were in power for the last freaking 20 years (House/Senate or Presidency) their plan is "Do Nothing." Now, their new plan is "Destroy whatever the opposition did." YEAH, that's really something to vote for. The NY Times article even states: "While trying to repeal the health care law, Republicans do not agree on what to replace it with." DUMB.
Now that the new Health Care policy is in effect (as of today) People 1) Cannot be denied medical insurance for a pre-existing sickness (BEEN THERE).2) Cannot have medical limits (like the$2,000 a year limit I've had) for Illnesses. That means that if you have an appendectomy and break an arm in the same year, that goes over $2K they'll cover it. 3) Children living at home up until 26 yrs old are now covered under their parents' policies. (I NEEDED THAT WHEN I WAS STILL IN COLLEGE- I had NO Health Insurance for 10 years working 3 part-time jobs. Do you know what that does to a savings account?
Don't even get me started on idiots like Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck. Jesus belongs in church, not in the White House. There are MANY different religions in this country and not everyone of them is Christian (although that's becoming a very damaged word with all the hatred many groups spew from the pulpit).
As a final rant, the GOP said that they're more fiscally conservative. HAH! More stupidity.We had a record surplus when Bill Clinton left office. When the GOP took over for 8 years it became a record deficit AND put us in a recession that the current president is stuck trying to dig us out of. Until the GOP can tell me that they CARE about all people - poor to rich, Black, Asian, White, Hispanic, Native American, etc. - and figure out how to keep their stupid hatred and intolerance masked under the guise of religion, they will never get my vote. Okay, I'm done ranting about stupid people.

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