Thursday, September 23, 2010

FROM USATODAY:Republicans' plan for "improving" the economy

I took this verbatim from USA TODAY. I think that every single thing that the GOP is proposing is absolutely, unquestionably wrong. Where is the common sense? See for yourself. I'd love to hear your thoughts.

The Republicans' plan for improving the economy calls for:

•Repealing the health care law signed by Obama.
My Take: So people will again be denied health care for pre-existing conditions, caps are back on insurance pymts, etc. **It is simply STUPID of the GOP to wipe out helpful (but not perfect) legislation instead of Tweaking it. AND... they have NO alternative. How stupid is THAT? VERY. Besides, the Office of Management and Budget said that it will SAVE over a TRILLION dollars in the next couple of years. Research it yourself.

•Extending tax cuts enacted under then-president George W. Bush that are due to expire in December. Obama favors extending tax cuts to all but those couples with
taxable incomes above $250,000.
My Take: These are NOT tax increases. We're putting back the taxes that were in place before. How can we afford NOT to wipe out these tax cuts to the rich? DUH.

•Freezing hires in all government agencies except the Pentagon and the Department of Homeland Security.
My Take: This is the FEAR campaign stuff that Pres. Bush ran on to get back in office. There are a LOT of needs in various other gov't agencies. I think that in times of this economy ALL Fed hiring should be limited.

•Opposing taxes on carbon fuels. The president has proposed a tax to discourage the use of fuels that produce greenhouse gases.
My Take: OF COURSE this is needed. We need to wean ourselves off of fossil fuels. Why does the GOP want us to remain dependent on foreign oil? -BTW-Read some of the books by experts. There IS a limit to how much oil is in the ground. We REALLY need to fund research into alternative fuels, solar power and nuclear energy.

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