Monday, August 23, 2010

Political Signs Litter the Landscape / Short-term Memory Loss

It's only August and we've seen political signs all over the highway, sidewalks, and residental lawns. There are more political signs up now than housing sales and development advertisements. We notice that Md. Gubentorial challenger Bob Erlich (R) has more signs up than anyone else so early on.
What truly amazes me is the SHORT-TERM MEMORY people have in our state and the entire country! Bob Erlich was an awful governor in Maryland. People were happy to vote him out. He danced around every issue and raised taxes, and a LOT of taxes. He tried calling them "fees" instead. Here's an interview done by a local reporter this year:

**Nationally, the short-term memories of voters astounds me. They keep blaming the current president for the Deficit. HELLO!!!! When Pres. Clinton left office we had a surplus. When President Bush left office we had a RECORD DEFICIT (he wiped out Clinton's surplus), left us in 2 wars, a recession and horrible condition. The current president had to add to the deficit to provide job extensions and help bail out the auto industry (which has MOSTLY REPAID their loans and are now back on their feet). SO, why is it that people don't remember how we got to where we are today? I think the country needs Ginkgo Biloba to enhance their short-term memories.

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