Monday, August 16, 2010

Nitpicking and Politics

I've noticed lately that some Americans will nitpick about every little thing that the President does. Think about these:
1) VACATION: In July -the President and his family went to Maine for a vacation. People bitched that he should have gone to Louisiana and swam in the Gulf with his family to bring tourists in.
MY TAKE: Who in the hell would go to Louisiana in JULY for a vacation? The heat index is 105F there at that time. Even Tom and I went to Maine last summer for a vacation where it was cooler. Anyone that bitched about the Prez's trip to Maine is an idiot.
-As a matter of fact,this week, he DID take his family to the Gulf coast and went swimming there (likely to shut stupid critics up): Obama Swims In Gulf, Says Beaches Open For Business Date: 16-Aug-10
President Barack Obama went swimming off the coast of Florida on Saturday and declared the Gulf area's beaches "open for business," trying to show by example that a region hit by the BP oil spill was safe for tourists to enjoy.

2) THE NY MOSQUE: We UNDERSTAND that building a mosque in NY at the towers site is in POOR TASTE. However, the NY City Council APPROVED IT, not the President. SO, people need to direct their ire to the City Council. The President simply noted that this country promotes freedom to practice any religion, and it's a city matter, so anyone who buys the land has a right to build anything on it- (if the City approves), EVEN if its in poor taste. How in the Hell is this the President's fault?
Anyone who thinks it is, is a fool.

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