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Italy Blog #72: Ancient Rome: Temple of Venus and Rome

In this blog we continue to explore the ruins of ancient Rome, adjacent to the Colosseum. Today we'll look at the Temple of Venus and Rome

WHAT IS THE TEMPLE? - The Temple of Venus and Roma Latin: Templum Veneris et Romae is thought to have been the largest temple in Ancient Rome. It was designed by the emperor Hadrian! 

WHO WERE VENUS AND ROME? -  The Temple of Venus and Rome had two rooms each holding a cult statueVenus Felix, ancestor of the Roman people, and Roma Aeterna, the genius (personification) of the city

 Interior of the Temple of Venus and Rome built under Hadrian.
Created by: saikindi (Andrea Pittalis)

CONSTRUCTION- Although consecrated in AD 121, construction did not begin until about AD 125. The temple was dedicated ten years later, and may have been finished by Hadrian's successor Antoninus Pius sometime between AD 140 and 145, as shown on several sestertii issued during his reign. Damaged by fire in AD 307, the temple was restored, according to the University of Chicago.

What the temple did look like when built
END OF THE TEMPLE- The burning of incense to Roma and Venus that is mentioned must have been among the very last acts of such veneration in Rome, as the temple itself presumably had been closed ten years earlier, when in AD 391 Theodosius promulgated a series of decrees prohibiting pagan worship.

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