Friday, September 23, 2016

CT Pet Expo: Part 3: The Drunken Hotel Guests

In Part 3 of my (Rob) adventure to the CT Pet Expo, you'll learn about the craziness at the hotel where I stayed.
Over the weekend of Sept. 10-11, I went to Bridgeport, CT to give a talk about "Pets and the Afterlife" represent the DC Area Weimaraner Rescue,and sell my books. I stayed at the Holiday Inn on Main Street.

NICE HOTEL - The hotel is really nice. It's clean, comfortable, has a really nice lobby, a pool, a gym, and great staff. One of the front desk staff, and I don't remember his name, was really nice and answered questions and was extremely helpful. He was a younger, well-muscled African-American man. I wish I got his name so I could give him a good write up (It's important to compliment people who do a good job).    They even have a plain clothes security guard in the lobby who was very busy the night I came back from the Pet Expo.

THE CHOKER - As I was returning to the hotel after a great Italian dinner (at Ralph and Rich's where Tom and I got married, btw), there were firetrucks and an ambulance outside. Inside was a 40 year old (big) white guy with beat-red cheeks sitting in a chair surrounded by firemen. He apparently got drunk and choked on a steak (I heard it all standing in line for the front desk to ask where the gym was located). He refused the ambulance and just sat there.
  At the Front desk talking with the clerk was another guy trying to check in who was also watching and listening to that drama. Then MORE DRAMA...

THE SHIRTLESS DRUNK  - Minutes later a 20-something muscular young black man wearing no shirt (who was in really  good shape), and who was clearly drunk walked up to the front desk. He was accompanied by a very large friend (about 250+ pounds). The 20-something interrupted the desk clerk and said someone stole his shirt from the pool area. 
  Fortunately, the lobby security guard caught his attention and took him and his friend back to the pool area to look for the shirt.

THE ELEVATOR - After the two drunks were being attended to, I got in the elevator with the guy who was standing at the desk trying to check in, so we could go up to our respective floors. I said "That was quite a welcome to Bridgeport for you." He replied, "Yes, between the drunk in the chair and the shirtless guy parading around in the lobby..." and the elevator door opened on Floor 2 (where the pool was) and IN walked the shirtless guy (still shirtless) and his friend. The other guy I was talking to at the time turned red and put his head down. Fortunately, the two young drunk guys didn't hear him talking about them and got off on the next floor. 
   I have to wonder if a week later he's still walking around looking for his shirt!

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