Thursday, June 27, 2013

U.K. TRIP #1: Vacation Highlights

United Kingdom from NASA's Aqua Satellite. Credit: NASA
In mid-June for 9 days we toured the U.K. starting in Edinburgh, Scotland and taking the train to York, England, and ending in Windsor. From Windsor we drove to various castles and museums. Here are some of the highlights. The coming blogs over the course of the next monthwill highlight each stop!

1) Great being at the Langdon house B and B again in Windsor, England.Last year we befriended Paul and Sonja, the owners and it was great to see our old/new friends again.
2) We'll take you back through Henry VIII's Hampton Court Palace- and the return of the screaming ghost.We saw different rooms that were not open last year! More on this in later blogs.
3) Cliff Richard's Concert was AWESOME!!
 Because Cliff has been singing since 1958, there were a LOT of older fans. I (Rob) LOVE Cliff Richard and have since the late 1970s.  When we were sitting in the car waiting to go to the concert we saw a woman using a walker with an oxygen tank attached to it- that should give you an idea of the concert goers... and Tom said "what have you brought me to?"
4) Edinburgh, Scotland was nice- the Apex Waterloo was great. Great room, service, clean, centrally located.
5) Edinburgh Castle- it was good, but we liked Holyrood House better. There was a special dog tribute in the Castle (more later). Holyrood is the current Queen's summer palace.  People should do both.
6) Recommend the Mercat Underground vault tour in Edinburgh-  It was very cool, and fascinating and we saw a ghostly shadow.
7) The Witchery "Murder and Mystery Tour" in Edinburgh - was fun, entertaining and informative.
8) You'll soon read about a special dog, immortalized by the people of Scotland - and the very inspirational cemetery where he's buried.
9) We got to see Rob's old friend Bob and Kristen (who moved to England from the states for work) and their three cool kids while dining and touring York
10) Took a climb to the top of a massive and ancient cathedral- built over Roman ruins from 71AD
11) Hever Castle- A must for Tudor fans... and Rob ran into a special and historic ghost that was unexpected.
12) Sudeley Castle- Original Home of  one of Henry VIII's six queens. Gardens were amazing and we'll take you on a tour. 
13) We'll also take you into a brand new museum that houses the remains of one of Henry VIII's war ships - half was preserved in sand for 500 years, brought to the surface and a museum was built around it. It opened this year!
14) Trains were great. (One thing we didn't realize was that the Train tix also worked for one connection on the Tube in London- we didn't read the ticket).
15) Flights; Delays, missed flights, and a dinner challenge NOTE for others: It took about 1 hour to 1 1/2 hours to get through Customs at Heathrow and again through Security to get to the connecting flight.
16) Hertz Rental car- perfect.  *Note to GPS users- sometimes it will take you through 1 lane roads, farms, fields, and closed roads. Yeah, we experienced all that... so we finally opted to use road signs and ask directions. GPS is really great for city driving and as a map back up.

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