Monday, June 11, 2012

ENGLAND TRIP: Day 3, Part 3: Return to Guild Hall/Ghost/Exhaustion!

the kind of ghost Rob wanted to see

   We first saw Guildhall at night during the ghost/history walk and wanted to get inside it, so we returned the next day. It's now a fully-functional government building, and you have to go through security to get into it. Meetings, lunches and dinners are held there.

Inside Guildhall

   Guildhall was the site where Lady Jane Grey learned she was to be executed at 15 years old, because her husband, Robert Guilford tried to usurp the throne. Queen Mary reclained the throne and executed them both.   
   BAD ENERGY INSIDE - I (Rob) felt uncomfortable in Guildhall and had all kinds of anxiety. I felt the anger of a lot of people left behind like a thumbprint inside the building. I did notice that there were a lot of nice marble sculptures of well-muscled Greek and Roman gods inside. I took a picture of one of them and thought that that was a ghost I wouldn't mind running into. hahaha. :)


Trials inside GuildHall

MORE ABOUT THE GHOST IN THE DOORWAY OUTSIDE OF GUILD HALL - During the ghost walk, Tom saw a man in a dark suit and a large hat, leaning against the wall of a doorway. He said the hat was large, and the man had his head down. The man's knee was bent with his foot against the wall. As Tom looked toward the door, the man was gone!  Neither Rob nor Richard Jones, the tourguide saw anything. 

ORBS IN THE DOORWAY! - When we returned the next day to visit Guildhall, we went back to the doorway where Tom saw the man standing. We took a picture and ONLY in the doorway did Three ORBS appear!  Orbs are the most simple form that a ghost can take, and appear as a round ball of light. You can tell the ghosts from reflections, dust and raindrops because ghostly orbs have a design of color in them and sometimes a face!  - The latter appear white.  
APPEARANCE -  When we got home, I quizzed Tom about what he saw, and I found a photo of Guy Fawkes (1600) dressed in a similar fashion to the man at the door. It likely wasn't Guy Fawkes (the man that tried to blow up Parliament), but it was someone who lived during the 1600 or 1700s.  Interesting how we went back the next DAY and confirmed an entity in a photo. Obviously, whoever he is, that's his corner.

Guy Fawkes

For the video report from inside Guildhall, go to our earlier posting:

TIRED AND HUNGRY - After leaving Guildhall, we were so exhausted that we went to the first restaurant we could find, because everything closes at 5 p.m. during the week. We managed to get in a deli and get a sandwich. It was a trying experience finding an open place at 5:05 p.m., but we were so tired, we didn't want to be fussy.

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