Saturday, March 17, 2012

Rob's 2 letters to the Newspapers: Bullying & Why Majorities Shouldn't Vote on Minority Rights

   I recently wrote 2 letters that appeared in the local newspapers. -  I know it's a tired subject to some, but now gay people in Maryland are fighting to keep the law that allows them to marry and enjoy the financial, health and welfare security and 1,138 benefits that straight couples enjoy. The law DOESN"T go into effect until January 2013. Why not now? 
  Because some African-American churches and the Catholic church, who are the most vocal opponents, are demanding their congregations get 50,000 signatures to put the law on the ballot in November. * NOTE: There are some churches that remain neutral, or refuse to rally against the law- THOSE I have respect for.
   Since WHEN does a Majority of people allow a Minority the same rights? Never. African-Americans were only granted equality by legislation. Every time equal rights for African-Americans were put to the ballot, voters said "No." The same thing is likely to happen with gay marriage, and these hateful religious leaders know that. I find it appalling. - Rob

LETTER #1: Some churches are behaving like bullies

  Bullying is something we are trying to teach our children not to do, yet some African-American and Catholic churches in our state are now prime examples of bullies. The vitriol from some clergymen against gay marriage is disgusting and hateful.
  These “leaders” are encouraging bullying against gay people. This is dangerous to teach their congregations to hate and be intolerant. Put simply, it is bullying. That is what it will lead to in schools, in our children, in adults.
  Gay marriage is now the law, and these churches are trying to take away that right of security between consenting adults who don’t affect these churches. They should instead teach acceptance and love, help the poor and single-parent families, care for the elderly and jobless. Churches should use their influence positively and help people instead of hurting gay people.
  Bullying is a serious problem and churches should not encourage it, but they are doing so in their fight to overturn marriage equality.

There was a response to this letter from a woman who said "Why not vote on it, and let the people decide the fate of gay marriage?"  - Obviously, she doesn't know her history, so I wrote the Following letter:

LETTER #2: Majority Never Votes in Favor of Minority Equal Rights
In Cathy Bunge's letter to the Blade-News she asks "why not put gay marriage on the ballot and let everyone have their say?"
There are several reasons, Ms. Bunge: 1) It is currently the law. 2) It makes all of Maryland's citizens equal.
3) Most importantly, it is historically proven in our country that the majority never votes to allow rights for the minority. After the Civil War, it took Constitutional amendment to abolish slavery. Whenever it went to a vote, the majority (white) population voted it down. In 1870, it took legislators to ratify the Constitution's Fifteenth Amendment and finally prohibit denying a citizen voting rights based on race, color or previous condition of servitude" (i.e., slavery). The white majority refused to allow it. Also, African-Americans finally gained legal equality and justice in the courts (not by voters) as a result of the 1905 Niagara Movement of W. E. B. Du Bois. These are just three examples of how voting on the rights of minorities does not work. Sadly, no majority ever wants minorities to be equal. In short, equal rights historically can never be attained by voting from the majority. That is why gay marriage should never be a ballot question, especially if it has become the law.


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