Monday, March 26, 2012

Against National Healthcare? Now at Supreme Court

   The President's National Health Care law is now being heard in the Supreme Court because of people who oppose making health care mandatory for every U.S. citizen.   
     Parts of the President's National Health Care law is in effect: Beneficial Things like 1) If you have a pre-existing condition like a heart attack or stroke, cancer or diabetes, Insurance companies CANNOT deny to cover you.  2) Children as old as 26 can still be covered under their parent's health plan.
    *Do you know that hospitals who treat people in the ER that don't have health care coverage (like drug addicts, gunshot victims, people in poverty, homeless, etc.) have caused MANY Hospitals to close down?  In the last several years one hospital in Washington, DC closed for that reason. 
- For hospitals still treating uninsured WE are paying for them with higher bills!  Why do you think an ER visit now costs at least $1,000.00?? (I just paid that last year).  We are paying for the people who don't have health care!!
    I have a response for all of those people in the states that voted for politicians who are opposing the National Health care law:  . If you are that foolish, then you don't deserve to get health insurance and should NOT get these benefits. 
        If the law is repealed, what does that mean for people in these states who have cancer, heart disease, diabetes, etc.?  It means that you will die a lot more quickly because you will be unable to afford medical care. 
  - If you're against the National Health Plan and you vote conservative to support these states that want to repeal the law, then perhaps you deserve what you get. I certainly don't want to see people suffer, but if  you fight to overturn something that is going to enhance your quality of life, give you medical care, and enable you to live a healthier life - then you deserve the illness and all that comes with it.
  All of the states depicted on this map in blue have filed to repeal the President's Health care law. To all of the people of these states I say, okay, I hope the Supreme court says you don't have to go with the President's plan. Just don't come crying when you develop cancer or have a stroke and fund out that your Health Insurance provider has dropped you and you can't get coverage.    If you don't think it happens, you are so wrong.  - Rob
  READ THIS ARTICLE FROM THE NASHVILLE TENNESSEAN - and Tennessee is ONE state who is suing the Federal Government to repeal the law:
Health-care reform is working
Millions more insured; law ending bias, boosting preventive care
   Some benefits are obvious. The fact that young adults can now stay on their parents’ insurance plans until age 26 has been popular with the 52,000 Tennessee families that now enjoy peace of mind knowing that their kids won’t be thrown off just when they are starting out on their own.
Some are not so obvious. Those same young adults are part of the largest population of uninsured and the least likely to need expensive care. Giving them an affordable path into the risk pool stabilizes health insurance premiums for the rest of us.
The law prioritizes preventive care, eliminating co-pays and deductibles for Medicare and new private plans on things like mammograms, colonoscopies, and Pap tests. This isn’t just common sense for individuals and their physicians, who can catch and treat their conditions earlier; prevention and personal responsibility save money in the entire system.
To help shield families and businesses from unreasonable premium hikes, the law now requires insurers to spend at least 80 percent of our premium dollars on actual medical care instead of administrative overhead. If plans don’t meet these standards, they have to pay us rebates. For 3 million Tennesseans with private insurance, it’s high time for that kind of accountability.
Sixty-six thousand, five hundred small businesses in Tennessee that offer insurance to their employees are now eligible for a tax credit. For small employers like Lee in Maryville, who are charged on average 18 percent more for the same plans as large companies, this credit levels the playing field and enables him to compete for the best talent.
Undeniably, the most popular provision of the law is the end of discrimination for pre-existing medical conditions. In Tennessee, 1.2 million people have a medical condition that would be grounds for outright denial of insurance.

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