Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January: Health Month - Not

The second half of January has been tough on my (Rob) health. For about 10 days I dealt with a really bad cold and it was pretty miserable. However, I will say that ALKASELTZER COLD meds worked really well and reduced the symptoms. I recommend it.
- On Monday, January 23rd, I ventured into the world of dental implant surgery. To get to that point, let's go back to the summer when a tooth broke in half. Half of it fell out, leaving me no choice but to have the other half surgically removed (yes, most unpleasant). One thing I recommend to everyone having teeth out: HAVE synthetic bone put in the socket at the time the tooth comes out. WHY? Because it helps maintain the integrity and strength of the jawbone. Holes in a wall only weaken the structural integrity of it, just like pulling teeth out of a jaw!  -
- Another reason I had artificial bone put in the site was that over 6 months, your own bone would grow around it, and it would solidify so a dental implant (a false tooth) could be screwed into it. Yes, it sounds painful, but my dentist did it pain free.  The pain came AFTER the novocaine wore off!
- I've been on ibuprofen for 8 days now, and learned that I've also been grinding my teeth at night, traumatizing a tooth next to the implant. Ugh. That's caused MASSIVE, painful headaches. More ibuprofen, please. The second part of the implant occurs in 5 months, once the screwed in part solidifies (after more bone grows around it). So, I'm halfway through the procedure. I'll let you know how it goes. - Rob

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