Thursday, January 12, 2012

Canine Forensic Experts

Dolly investigating the toy death
Our weimaraner Dolly and dachshund Franklin have become experts in forensic science with stuffed animal deaths. They carefully pick through the once-stuffed shells of former stuffed animals to determine exactly what killed them. They're a little messy in their methods, as we'll sometimes find stuffing scattered about on the floor, but we have to admire their determination in finding a new career for canines.  

Sprite: "I'm too darn old to start a new career like that!"
Frankin - Concludes "It was bad stuffing."
  Most of the time, they decide the former stuffed animal left this world because improper stuffing during the stuffed animals creation. Sometimes they carry the stuffing-less shell around the house to do further investigation, perhaps to see it in a different light. We really admire their ingenuity, even though we usually have to pick up the stuffing. :) 


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