Sunday, September 4, 2011

Little White Dog Issues

A Weimaraner horrified by a white dog!
When our Weimaraner, Dolly was a pup she was attacked by a little white dog- like a poodle/maltese, something or other. It stayed with her and to this day she goes nuts whenever someone is walking a little white dog in the neighborhood. Over 5 years ago when we first moved here, there were no little white dogs. Today, I noticed Little White Dog #5 within 3 blocks. This makes for horrendous walks. Usually, Dolly jumps up uncontrollably, barks and pulls trying to go after the little white dog. **I'm usually able to get her to sit down, though, which helps. However, once Dolly gets going, our Dachshunds Franklin and Sprite start barking and pulling... so it's hard to control all three of them!!
An evil little white dog
- It happened when I was walking the dogs tonight at 7pm right after someone's mid-sized dog got loose and started running at us!  Fortunately, I got the dog to stop and the owner (running after his dog) caught up to him before he attacked us. - When I turned around to go home, that's when the woman with her little white dog came from the other side. Horrors!! I got our kids to sit still after some pulling and barking, and the woman managed to get into her nearby home. We then walked home quickly! 

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