Saturday, July 3, 2010

New Website Really Helps Clarify

The Federal Government launched a website this week to clarify healthcare reform and make it EASY TO UNDERSTAND for everyone. You can find it at
**I went there and entered in "Pre-existing condition, state of Maryland, Over 55, can't afford it - and the site gave me FOUR OPTIONS to obtain health insurance. WOW. Where was this when I was 22, working 3 jobs without health insurance and couldn't afford to go to a doctor? TEST IT YOURSELF. I'm not just taking the White House's word for it - I investigated it!

I've heard MANY lies and misinterpretations of the health care law to scare people.
If you want the FACTS, go to the website to get them. The media and right-wing mouthpieces will distort and introduce fear to get people to follow them. Why not get the information from the SOURCE?
I found this great site with 8 videos about subjects that were misinterpreted. It's well-worth educating yourselves!
*Linda Douglass of the White House Office addresses the myth of Congress being exempt from the reform. THE TRUTH: CONGRESS DID NOT EXEMPT THEMSELVES FROM THE REFORM. This is a myth: there is no exemption and there has not been any such vote. To the contrary, reform gives all Americans access to an insurance exchange much like the one Congress has enjoyed, and just like Congress, Americans will be free to make their own choices.
* MYTH: The Health Care reform would eliminate wasteful subsidies to insurance companies in the Medicare Advantage program, without hurting benefits or care and leaving the trust fund intact. THE TRUTH: It will strengthen Medicare's long-term stability and save seniors money.

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