Monday, August 7, 2017

IN THE NEWS: The Health Benefits Of White Wine!

Tom enjoys a glass of wine and there's good news in every glass. Here's the latest findings about white wine that will make you want to pour a glass! 

The Health Benefits Of White Wine, Because There Actually Are Some

By Julie R. Thomson, Huffington Post

Red wine is often lauded for its positive health attributes, but no one stops to consider white.
Now that warm weather is on the horizon, and the need for something refreshing is upon us, it’s time to take a closer look at white wine. Lucky for all you chardonnay and pinot grigio lovers, it actually comes with its own host of good health benefits.

Three of them, to be exact ― enough reason to pop a cork. Here’s what you can get out of a glass of white:

1. White wine can help with heart- and metabolism-related improvements. In a study published in 2015, researchers assigned people with type-2 diabetes to either drink red wine, white wine, or water with dinner for two years while follow a strict mediterranean diet. While red wine drinkers saw the most improvements in heart and metabolism-related improvements, those who drank white also saw improvements. And that’s better than none.

2. Just like red, white wine can help improve cholesterol levels. Another study tracked 146 people over a year, half who drank red and half who drank white. Researchers found that the participants who worked out twice a week and drank wine ― of either kind ― had a significant improvement in cholesterol levels.
Coffee has twice as much antioxidants, but wine is good, too!

3. White wine is good for lung function. Research from the University of Buffalo suggests that drinking white wine ― more so than red ― can help keep your lungs healthy. The link between the two is unclear ― it might be thanks to its antioxidant-rich content, which combat free radicals ― but more research still has to be done.

Of course, it should be noted that most varieties of white wine do have a little more sugar than red, so keep that in mind before you serve yourself a second glass.

And remember, the key to getting health benefits from wine at all is to drink it in moderation.

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