Monday, October 15, 2012

A Personal Medicare Story: and the dangers of Vouchers

For anyone who is considering voting the Republican ticket this year, please read this and pay attention. I talked with my mother-in-law yesterday about a recent Test she had. 
  - She had an echo-cardiogram test recently and told me that the test costs $1,200.00. Just the test. Then the doctor's fee, the technician's fee, and the doctor's appointment fee were piled on top of that. The total for the test was almost $2,000.00. If you have insurance or Medicare, it covers a good part of this, but the my mother-in-law is responsible for a large amount of it as well. How can she afford this if the entire "voucher" the GOP gives people to buy insurance is spent well before any tests are done?
  -My point in bringing this up is that Mr. Romney and Mr. Ryan want to create a Voucher program for senior health care with a $6,000.00 cap on it.  Tom and I pay about $600 a month (half of that is covered by our employer, but that wouldn't be the case for seniors) each for OUR health care, and we're relatively healthy.  That means in 10 MONTHS THE VOUCHER WOULD BE SPENT, and not include help with doctor's visits, prescriptions, tests, etc. Tests like the one my mother-in-law had would leave her to pay for the rest out of social security. 
  Here's the other BAD THING about a VOUCHER: would force Elderly, infirm and disabled seniors to SHOP AROUND and talk to insurance companies for their own health care. MY DAD worked in Insurance for 50 years. Before he passed in 2008 (under the previous Admin.) he said Insurance companies would INCREASE the COST OF INSURANCE the older, and more sickly people are. 
 - Think about buying Life Insurance at 80 years's VERY EXPENSIVE. Same thing with Health Care costs.

 - IN ADDITION: Mr. Romney's Plan (I read his website) would drop the $643.00 of Annual savings in prescriptions for seniors, that they currently get under The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). Mr. Romney said that he would wipe this out, and wipe out "Obamacare."
 - In addition to my mother-in-law and father-in-law, my 85 year old mother relies on Medicare for her health care. She has no income other than Social Security, and Medicare is HER healthcare protection.
  My point is that the current President's health plan:
1) Does NOT limit seniors to $6000.00 a year and provides coverage through Medicare
2) Will not endanger seniors of going bankrupt over health issues
3) Will not force them to go to an Insurance company with a $6000 voucher (my Mother doesn't know a THING about searching for health care at 85 years old!!!!!)
4) Currently saves them $634.00 annually on drug costs (that's a LOT of money)

Now, why on Earth would anyone want to throw this all away for our Seniors?  Not only for our Seniors, but this is what WE would be losing, too.  - It makes NO SENSE to wipe out all of this.

READ NY TIMES OPINION COLUMN:  Death By Ideology  By PAUL KRUGMANPublished: October 14, 2012

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