Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I Don't Get it: Mississippi

Have you been keeping up with the news from the state of Mississippi? 
I've never been there, but the politicians are really messed up.
Last week, the Governor signed into a law, procedures that would make it virtually
impossible for a woman to have an abortion in the state- which would shut down
the only clinic in the state. - SO, What about woman who are raped? Whose lives are in
danger during childbirth? What do they do?
- This state also wants to ban contraception!
- AND want to close down Planned Parenthood (who can counsel women and teens)!
Apparently, they don't see that those stupid decisions they've made DON'T WORK.
This article just came out from Reuters Newswire (a non-partisan world-wide
news service):

Mississippi teen pregnancy rate 
highest in U.S.: CDC
(Reuters) - Mississippi has the highest teen birthrate in 
the nation while New Hampshire has the lowest, the Centers 
for Disease Control and Prevention said on Tuesday, following 
\up on a report that found the incidence of pregnancy among U.S. 
teens was falling.   Mississippi reported 55 births per 1,000 
teens aged 15 to 19 in 2010, more than 60 percent above the 
U.S. average, according to state data released on Tuesday. New 
Hampshire's rate was less half the national average at 15.7 births for 
the same age group.   ********************************************
Not only are the politicians REMOVING educational outlets, they're opening ALL doors to
allow for MORE Teen pregnancies and illegitimate children that state and federal 
taxpayers would have to pay for. This is outrageous! \
The voters already voted DOWN the "Personhood" law that stated a woman's egg is a "person." 
SO, now the Republican party has figured out other ways to get into people's bedrooms. \
WHY aren't the women of Mississippi furious over these conservative MEN telling them 
what they can do with their bodies?!?   I don't get it.  

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