Saturday, April 7, 2012

From Rob's Ghost Blog: Risen from the Dead: An Easter Thought

Easter is the time that Christians celebrate Christ's resurrection from the dead, and his re-appearance on Earth. As such, the holiday made me think about the ghosts and spirits that have been in touch with me and so many others.

Think about this - if you're a ghost hunter, or if you've had an experience with a ghost or a spirit, you've either seen them, heard them, sensed them, smelled them or felt them. Right? Well, they, too, were living, breathing people who still exist "after physical death" just like Jesus did. I say this not to sound sacriligious, but to make a point that Jesus was one of the first known living people to appear to come back from physical death.

When Jesus first appeared after death, people didn't recognize him, as sometimes ghosts are not recognized as the people they were. In fact, some ghosts are seen as shadow figures. Others clearly have faces, bodies, etc. and are seen doing things like sitting in a chair, or heard singing, or rocking a living baby in a crib.

The Christian bible says that Jesus also solidified, so that Thomas could feel his wounds. People today who have had encounters with ghosts or spirits that return to Earth have reported that they can feel clothing, get a hug, feel a ghost tug some clothing, slap them in the face, or feel a ghost or spirit's cold hand on them.

My own grandfather literally bumped into his late aunt Elvina's spirit when he went to shovel coal into a house furnace in the early 1900s. I have felt hands (and fingers) of both ghosts and spirits on my arm, back and shoulder. Others will tell you the same.

That being said, the Easter celebration of Jesus' resurrection is acknowledged over and over again today as loved ones in spirit return with messages and those trapped as Earth-bound ghosts provide visible, physical, audible signs that they have also returned.

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