Saturday, June 18, 2011

World's End, Politics, Bad Reporting

Recently a good friend of mine sent me an article about the U.S. spending money researching pollution and trying to develop controls for China. The article was totally slanted as "wasting the U.S. Taxpayer's money." - It was written on a "health website" with a very Republican slant, that didn't research the facts. How do I know this? In my job, I'm aware of pollution transport problems around the world (my workplace studies them) and controlling them from China would help the U.S.
 - In my friend's letter, she noted that some Christians say the world will end soon anyway. That ALSO got me riled up. SO, I wrote a response (below) to both issues. BELOW:
I really don't believe the end is anywhere near. If I hear one more wacko "man of God" telling me the world is going to end I'll throw my TV out the window.  Honestly, these "religious" people have totally lost their minds. People have been predicting the end of the world since the Bible was assembled. Look at what that idiot did recently by saying that- people Quit their jobs, squandered their family's savings and one woman killed her 5 year old son and then herself to protect them from "end times." -How is that "in the name of God???
   Take it from someone who can talk to  people who passed - I'd know. The world will go on a long time, and yes, in 200 years will look differently - in fact, in 30 years it will be different because oil and gas will run out and we'll be living in small communities again and unable to travel around the world.
  As for giving money to China to control pollutions, yes, we need to keep the money here more so right now. However, scientists don't acknowledge politics. They try and solve problems for the good of all humanity. Just like giving severe weather alerts. If I played politics I wouldn't send tornado alerts or hurricane warnings to right-wing GOPers. But, I don't. Science isn't political (although we know that religion screwed with it during Galileo's time) to the scientists. *Moreso, the pollution problem has been verified by satellites - that it gets transported to the U.S. west coast and even sickens people there.  Chinese scientists understand pollution transport, and are more than willing to work with U.S. scientists. How do I know this? I work with scientists daily that work with scientists from countries around the world. So, yes, the budget is a mess- but this is a matter of Health in the Northern Hemisphere and it does benefit us. - That reporter that wrote that article didn't bother to research. He obviously had an agenda, which seems to be anti-Administration. I'm sick and tired of people who write that crap without researching. He's a piss-poor reporter and even I, who am not working on the projects mentioned, would be able to provide the explanation above- but instead, the reporter chooses to piss people off instead to get them rallied in a political sense. Ticks me off.
 -  Speaking of, it infuriates me more that the one party is blaming President Obama for the deficit. President Bush took a surplus from President Clinton and made it into a record deficit. It was the Republicans who did this, and now they're crying that it's the Democrats fault. Bull. Funny how they forget that. Further, Economists in many universities have noted that if the 2 stimulus packages weren't made into the economy we would be in a double-dip recession. As it is, GM and the banks have all now repaid the stimulus money and are solvent again. The GOP's bullshit about the stimulus not working is just that. I've never heard more of a bunch of lying hypocrites in my life. They also claim to be the "God Party" and 1 in 10 of them have committed adultery.  Yes, people like Dem. Weiner texted his privates is just the same and needs to GO. But what about the GOPer that was on Heidi Fleiss' (Wash DC madam) phone list that refused to quit, even though married with kids?  See what I mean? The GOP needs to look in their own house before throwing stones. Further, they play people by 'claiming God and Christianity" as a smokescreen to trying to destroy the poor, uneducated country people they're trying to strip of all benefits. They are the farthest thing from God than any party out there.
 Okay, I'm done ranting. 

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