Thursday, October 14, 2010

When the Kids Take the Car

Dolly loves putting her head out the back window of the truck

Franklin loves to drive. He's a take-charge dog!
Anyone who has teenagers always has to watch out for their kids grabbing the keys and taking the car. Our "Kids" are canine, but they think they're human. So, we learned that we ALSO have to watch out for them grabbing the car keys and taking the pick-up truck for a spin around the neighborhood.
  Franklin the Dachshund and Dolly the Weimaraner like joyriding. It's a fact.
Here's how it works:  Dolly can stand up on hind legs and grab the keys from the counter. Franklin then noses his way out of any door and Dolly follows to the pickup truck. Franklin knows where the alarm and door opener button is on the key chain, so the doors unlock, and Dolly opens them up.
  They both jump in, and Dolly closes the door by leaning out and grabbing it in her teeth. Franklin takes the wheel with his little feet (he can see over the dash, and DOES sit up on his butt to see out the front window. He holds sticks in his bottom feet and hits the gas and brake. Of course, his arms are too short to reach the signals, so he does without them, like half the people on the road anyway!
 Dolly loves sticking her head out the back window... catching the smells and the breeze.
So, recently we were driving home in the neighborhood and caught them both joyriding and got it on film!

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