Thursday, October 7, 2010

American Religious Extremists -We Need to Fight Them

We need to combat our OWN religious extremists.
  This week that hateful wacko Fred Phelps and his 60 cult members are before the U.S. Supreme Court for protesting their hateful views against gay people at a military funeral of  a man who died in Iraq, that wasn't even gay. Their hateful, loud, nasty protest (carrying signs that said horrendous stuff like "Military men deserve to die because of our sins," "God hates fags" and other horrible stufff). (See article in USA Today:  "This is a case about exploiting a private family's grief," Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg said.
  There is NO EXCUSE for Phelps' horrendous, offensive behavior, especially at a funeral.

One thing that struck me was that we are now in Afghanistan FIGHTING muslim religious extremists. We're fighting to eliminate them as a threat to our country and the world. However, Mr. Phelps IS a religious extremist here in the U.S., yet people are struggling to silence him. Think about it.

Phelps is breeding minds of hatred against others. We heard interviews with two of the 6 and 7 year olds in the Phelps family, and they were spitting hateful stuff against gay people. SIX AND SEVEN YEARS OLD!  It is our own right-wing "religious" extremists who are a danger to this country. Look at the "preacher" in Florida who wanted to burn the Koran and incited riots in Afghanistan and the middle east, putting our soldiers in more jeopardy.

Further, there has been a rash of teenage suicides lately because the "religious right-wing" promotes hatred and intolerance of gay people. The blood of these gay teenagers are on their hands. When will the U.S. start combating religious extremists in our own country?  There is no good that can come from leaving them alone to promote their brand of hatred and intolerance. We need to be one unified country and welcome everyone, no matter the race, sexuality, age, or culture. After all, God made and loves everyone.

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